Xarios Launch Dimensions Voice


A new white-labeled UCaaS solution for the UK.


UCaaS is now undeniably the most popular platform choice for business communications in the world. As the landscape we live in continues to change, and anywhere work becomes a must for every organisation, UCaaS continues to cement itself as the preferred method for tackling today’s challenges. However, a key challenge for today’s channel partners is the indulgence of “me too” solutions that look the same as those offered by their competitors.

As an innovator in the communication application space, Xarios is building on a tried-and-tested platform with best-in-breed solutions, to give resellers the UCaaS offering they need.

I spoke to Managing Director of Xarios Technologies, Robin Russell, to learn more Xarios Dimensions Voice.

Wholesale UCaaS for UK Channel Partners

Dimensions Voice by Xarios is a UCaaS offering for channel partners, offering white labelled opportunities for growth throughout the UK. Xarios already has a strong reputation in the UC environment, with exceptional call analytics applications and recording solutions, I asked Robin why the company had made the choice to move into wholesale UCaaS here.

“We wanted to make sure that channel partners had access to a flexible solution that’s right for them, without being tied to any specific vendor. This is an investment in the future of Xarios, and the future of our channel partners” Robin Russell, Managing Director.

Taking best-in-breed solutions in combination with existing proven technology, Xarios has engineered a channel-first solution for cloud communications in the UK channel. The offering leverages Xarios’ 20+ years of experience in IP and cloud telephony and comes with a host of cutting-edge features crucial for the modern digital workforce, including video, messaging, and adaptable cloud voice. There’s also integration with Microsoft Teams and call analytics and call recording as standard.

The latest offering from Xarios gives partners a comprehensive UCaaS solution that’s easy to get up and running, making it perfect for partner differentiation.

An Opportunity for Channel Partners to Specialise

Robin told me that the industry of UCaaS is growing, but many channel partners are suffering to stand out with “samey” solutions. Partners need access to a comprehensive package for their UCaaS solution, that they can adapt to suit their customers. That offering needs to also come with the partner-first support and technical capabilities that will help them to stand out from the crowd.

According to Robin, this UCaaS solution stands out with exceptional flexibility. The Dimensions Voice by Xarios solution can be branded in a way that suits the channel partner, and it’s a fully endpoint agnostic solution so that users can attach the technology they’re already using. Extra integrations are also available with leading tools for a single-pane-of-glass experience.

One of the things that makes Xarios so unique in the UCaaS space is the wealth of technical expertise they can offer, alongside the accessibility of the Xarios team, as partners within the UK. “We’re giving channel partners the opportunity to carve out a niche offering with the support of their platform developer. We’re seeing that in the UK, resellers need to have something special to offer, and with Xarios, they can find a niche market that they want to work in”.

Through the rich APIs and additional development opportunities offered by the Xarios team, resellers can also ensure that they’re really offering something new to customers.

A Unique Proposition

Xarios is offering its resellers an exceptional opportunity to differentiate with the Dimensions Voice offering. Russel told me that the white labelling functionality is a big deal for many partners, as is the ability to access Teams and call recording and analytics functionality as standard.

“We offer channel partners excellent flexibility. They can use us as a carrier if they want to or bring their own carrier into the mix. They can even plug carriers in at the customer level if that makes sense to them. Branding is flexible on multiple levels too. Companies with sub-resellers can even rebrand some of the features themselves.”

Robin noted that the way Xarios is pricing this solution is also unique, with a very straightforward and simple pricing model that’s easy for users to understand. “They get everything they need in an easy deploy package, with things like call reporting as standard, rather than just a bolt-on solution. We’re even partnering with other companies to ensure absolute compliance with things like PCI.”

Xarios is giving its resellers the freedom to create the kind of unique experience that makes customers stand up and pay attention. They’re also offering the solution in a way that can adapt to suit the needs of any reseller, with provisioning and rollout being handled by the channel partner or end customer.

Best of Breed UCaaS

Dimensions Voice by Xarios will be rolling into the market very soon. Robin told me that it’s launching as generally available in March, and it’s already a tried-and-tested platform that channel partners can rely on to deliver excellent results.

This is a product that can scale all the way from small business rollouts to large solutions.

“There’s no limit on how far we can scale, and we can adapt to suit the channel partner. With this solution we wanted to be the company that gave our channel partners what they wanted and what they were asking for, rather than just telling them what we thought they needed”


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