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MiVoice Office Application Suite v5.1

MiVoice Office Application Suite

What is it and what does it do?

MiVO Application Suite is the evolution of the existing Phone Manager family of applications for the MiVO 250 platform – MiVO Application Suite brings together the popular Phone Manager application, giving on screen call control, presence and directories, as well as CTI integration to the most popular CRM systems. The Phone Manager Mobile ‘smartphone’ application provides the Phone Manager application for when you are out of the office, and of course the ‘Phone Manager outbound’ application, Campaign Manager, provides optimised outbound calling efficiencies. To this already impressive set of applications, we have added Call Reporting and Call Recording.

Now businesses can access all the telephony productivity-enhancing applications they need in a single suite of products. All of the applications interoperate – so users can listen to their recorded calls on their Phone Manager desktop, the personal call log is displayed on both desktop and mobile and you can quickly see where your calls come from, or calls that were made to any client.

Key benefits of MiVO Application Suite

MiVoice Office Application Suite 5.1

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