Call Management & Reporting

MiVoice Office Application Suite v5.1

MiVoice Office Call Reporter

Comprehensive and easy to use call reporting and management for the MiVoice Office Application Suite


MiVoice Office Call Reporter brings a range of call performance and management reports to the MiVoice Office Application Suite. It provides access to all the historical call data stored within the system which can be used to give complete visibility of how the telephone system is used and how users of the telephone system are performing.

In its simplest form, the system provides access to Call Lists which document each call made and its route through the telephone system including internal calls and transferred call segments. When full Call Reporting is licensed, call traffic can be analysed in many different ways which, when combined with the type of data stored on each call and the advanced filtering options available, makes for a truly powerful call analysis solution.

Call Lists & Configuration Data

The entry level features of the solution provide access to lists of calls which can be filtered by many properties to identify specific calls. The system tracks all external and internal calls and provides dedicated reports for highlighting ‘Lost’ and ‘Unreturned Lost Calls’ to the user.

The Inbound Call Summary screen provides a historic view of call traffic and how the users of the telephone system are performing.

Call Analysis

Full Call Reporter licensing provides access to analyse call traffic by many different properties, including; Caller Id, Extension, Agent Id, Hunt Group etc. Users can choose from a large selection of summarized data that will allow them to evaluate how different users, or groups of users are performing.

Filtering & Sharing

Customizable filters allow users to search for specific calls or analyse call data from a specific source. Once reports and filters have been created, they can then be shared easily between other users of the system to improve performance and collaboration.

Report Scheduling

This optional feature provides an automated way of running reports and delivering them to users via email or by saving them to a location on the computer network. Scheduling is ideal for running reports for large amounts of data or for producing monthly, weekly, daily or even hourly reports that can be used to review performance or actively manage users.

Key Features

  • Web based interface, no client side installation required. Reports are accessible from any compatible browser on Windows, Mac or Tablet
  • Comprehensive filtering enables only relevant calls to be reported on
  • Call Logging module provides call lists and configuration data reports including; Incoming/Outgoing Calls, Missed Calls & Unreturned Lost Calls
  • Call Reporter module allows detailed analysis of calls, with grouping by Extension, User, Hunt Group, Agent Id, Account Code, Telephone Number, Trunk & Time
  • Pre-configured out of the box reports are provided to get users up and running quickly
  • Reports and filters can be shared easily between users
  • Report scheduling option automates report generation and can distribute them via email or save them to a network share