CRM Communicator

Customer service excellence is demanded by all organizations, in all industry sectors, in all circumstances: the ability to know details of your calling party prior to speaking to them enables your call handling team to deliver enhanced customer service levels, quickly and easily.

CRM Communicator is designed to link your Mitel MiVoice Business communications platform with your CRM system, allowing quick and simple access to advanced features. It supports the following key functions as standard:



Many CRM applications are ‘TAPI Compliant’, which means that they can integrate to a phone system via an industry standard interface and provide some basic functionality such as screen popping and dialing from a database. Users who require this basic level of integration can specify the CRM TAPI Communicator, if required they can add the advanced features of the CRM Communicator at a later date.

Screen Popping Contact Record

Click the application’s icon in the ‘Phone’ or ‘Preview’ window and the caller’s contact record is displayed directly in the source application.

Click to dial

Find the number and dial directly from within the application. The exact method varies between applications.

Customer Directory Record Search

Enables you to concurrently search many supported CRMs, plus the built-in Shared Address Book and click to dial from the results.

Screen Pop Calling Party Details

Displays the caller’s name in the ‘Preview’ or ‘Phone’ window when a match against it is found in the integrated application(s).


The toolbar gives fast, easy access to your most common tasks. You can attach the toolbar to the top, bottom, left or right of your screen - it’s up to you. You can set the buttons to perform straightforward tasks such as; answer, call, dial or even tag a recording – more complex tasks can be programmed using executable commands.

Supported CRM's

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Custom Integration

Most CRM applications can be ‘telephony enabled’: our web site enables you to add details of your CRM package and see what integration is available – the Xarios Technologies specialist team can offer varying degrees of customization to meet the individual needs of the user.

For more information, please fill in our CRM Integration request form.