Supervisor Dashboard

The supervisor dashboard is designed to give managers and supervisors complete control over their contact center agents. Accessible through any compatible browser, the dashboard shows the real-time status of agents and live calls on the system, as well as a breakdown on individual and group performance for the day. The flexible interface can be configured to your requirements, with multiple views and hundreds of different statistics available which can all be filtered to show the exact information required.

Monitor & Manage Agent Performance

It is important to monitor and manage your agent performance in real-time. The state of each agent is clearly visible along with individual statistics on their current performance level. Information on which queues they are currently logged into is shown along with how long they have been logged in and the time they have spent in different states such as wrap-up or do-not-disturb.

React to Real-Time Live Call Data

All status and call traffic information provided is real-time and based on live call data. This allows customer experience to be actively managed, by monitoring queuing calls/wait times and acting if service levels are not up to standard. Dashboard users can move agents between queues, cancel wrap or do-not-disturb states or even move calls to different queues if resource is available.

Monitor Queue Performance

Individually track how each queue/group on the system is performing with the dedicated group grid. Each queue has a colored background which clearly show whether agents are available or calls queuing. Service levels and summarized performance data can be viewed for each group and customizable alarms can be configured to alert when thresholds are reached, allowing action to be taken to ensure targets are met.


Active Call Visibility

View active calls on the system, see where they are currently connected or if they are queuing. Listen in live, pick up the call or move it to a new destination if there are agents free in other queues to handle calls.

Agent & Extension Status

Track the live status of the extensions and agents on the system to see how they are performing. Background colors clearly show the current status of each device and can be further updated using alarms to show poor or exceptional individual performance.

Configurable Alarms

Change tile colors, play sounds, flash tiles or send an email – Alarms grab your attention so that changes can be made before calls are lost or service levels breached. Identify agents spending too much time in do-not-disturb or change tile colors so that only a glance is required to identify any statistics outside normal thresholds.

Control Agent Status & Availability

Not only can you monitor agent status and availability, but you can also change it. Move agents between queues as call volumes change or make them available by taking them out of do-not-disturb/wrap. If required, move calls between queues if there are available agents to handle calls.

Configure Multiple Views

Use multiple views to look at different areas of the business, different teams or to view different metrics. Switch between views quickly and easily to access the information needed.

Queue Status

The queue grid provides information about the status of each queue on the system, how many calls have been processed/lost, how many calls are queuing and how many agents are available.

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