EMIS Healthcare

EMIS Integration

Connect your phone system to EMIS and 'pop' your patient's record before you answer the call!

Doctor’s surgeries are busy places and any application that can save time and increase efficiency is welcome – the Mitel MiVO Application Suite EMIS Integration brings together your Mitel telephone system and your EMIS healthcare application in a way that saves time and makes the busy receptionist’s job easier. Today your receptionists answer the call and then search for the correct patient record on the EMIS application – the Mitel EMIS integration does this for them – so now when the phone rings, the telephone number of the patient calling will be passed to the EMIS application and if that number is recognised the Patients details will ‘Pop’ onto the receptionists screen.

If a member of the surgery staff is viewing a patient record where their telephone number is displayed the Mitel application enables ‘highlight and dial‘, which calls the Patient with the click of a mouse.

The Mitel EMIS integration application not only saves time, it increases efficiency and eliminates misdialling.


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