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Introducing MiVoice Office Application Suite Release 5.2 SP1

We are excited to announce the launch of release 5.2 SP1 of the Application Suite for MiVoice Office 250.

6900 BLF Context Menu

New context sensitive transfer, conference and messaging options are now provided on user/extension BLF keys - providing users with the features they need, when they need them.

1. Enhanced transfer options
2. Simple conference setup
3. Easy call pickup with caller id/contact name

The update also includes support for Station Messaging and a new user guide screen saver to help users get the most out of their phone.

6900 External Paging

69xx phones can be used with external paging units from Algo to provide the seamless paging of extension and external page ports.

Compatible paging units can be used to page externally from 69xx phones and/or page 69xx from other devices on the telephone system. For more information, visit the Algo website http://www.algosolutions.com or speak to your distributor.



Call Analytics Updates

The following enhancements have been made to the already feature rich real-time & historical reporting solutions:

1. Wallboard now offers up to 5 configurable views
2. Ability to copy views between users, simplifying system setup
3. New Hunt Group Calls by Time report template
4. Improved filtering for duration and call times
5. New transferred to/from filter options
6. Increased number of service level/ring duration

Service Pack 1 is available now for all customers with a 5.2 licence or an active SWAS contract