Real-Time Wallboard

Every organization is different and communicates with their customers in different ways, that’s why our wallboards are completely customizable. Choose from hundreds of different statistics, then filter them to show exactly the information needed to measure the performance of your staff. Information on active calls can be clearly displayed so that all members of staff can see when customers are waiting or when service level targets are being affected. Once configured, wallboards can be displayed on any compatible browser or simply and easily deployed to any compatible TV using the dedicated Amazon FireTV application.

Make Service Affecting Decision based on Live Call Information

If a caller hangs up before they speak to someone, it either means lost revenue or an unhappy customer. By tracking information on active calls, changes can be made so that a waiting call doesn’t become a lost call. Using alarms to draw attention to possible issues, supervisors and staff can make intelligent decisions to improve the customer experience and maintain performance targets.

Target Your Staff

Sales, appointments or any other type of call can be categorized and tracked using account codes, then displayed for everyone to see. Staff can be motivated by seeing the progress they or their team are making, limiting the need for constant supervision. By combining gauges and alarms, performance against targets can be easily measured and communicated.

Easy Deployment Using Amazon FireTV

Our dedicated Real-Time Wallboard application for Amazon FireTV takes the complication out of deploying a wallboard. By using a FireTV to drive the screen instead of a computer, implementation and ownership costs are reduced and user training minimized. Just link the application to a user on the system and select the wallboard to display, it’s that simple!

Show corporate branding / videos

Customizing a wallboard with corporate images not only makes them look more professional but builds brand awareness within an organization. Images can be used to segment data into teams or departments so that wallboards are easy to read at a glance. Corporate videos can also be used to communicate company messages in customer facing areas of a building or to communicate goals or best practices to employees.

Not Just Call Data

Communicate key messages to staff or welcome you visitors by entering custom data or messages onto a tile. Information can even be pulled directly from other systems so that key business metrics such as order revenue or support tickets can be automatically displayed alongside the telephony data, providing a single reference point for everyone to see.


Live Call Data

Information on calls that are currently live in the system can be displayed, including calls queuing and live agent status. This means action can be taken to stop service level breaches before they happen.

Use Color to Show KPI

Tiles colors can be configured to change based on the statistic being shown. By setting thresholds for KPI performance, it is easy to see at a glance whether everything is as it should be.

Embed Corporate Videos and Images

Wallboards can be customized with videos, company logos or other images to promote brands and to give wallboards a professional look within your organization.

Configurable Alarms

Alarms can be configured to ensure that attention is paid to service affecting issues. Play a sound, flash a tile or even send an email based on user customizable thresholds.

Manually Entered & External Data

User entered data or data from an external database can be displayed alongside call statistics. This allows important business KPIs to be viewed all in the same place.

Amazon FireTV Deployment

Use the dedicated application for Amazon FireTV to render a wallboard without the need of a PC. This simplifies deployment and reduces the cost of ownership.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Key Performance Indicators for everyone to see
  • Make Service Affecting Decision based on Live Call Information
  • Track Conversion Targets
  • Show corporate branding/videos
  • Welcome customers or provide staff with information using manually editable fields
  • Show external data
  • Real-Time statistic updates on live calls
  • Visual, Audible and email alarms
  • Use tile background colour to indicate KPI state
  • Display data from external data sources
  • Customize the UI with embedded images and video
  • Simple deployment using the dedicated Amazon FireTV application

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