Introducing MiVoice Office Application


We are excited to announce the launch of release 5.2 of the Application Suite for MiVoice Office 250. This release includes a range of new features for Phone Manager & Mitel 6900 Series phone users.

6900 Series Directory Updates

The built-in directory of the phones has now been updated, users can now access their Phone Manager and server-based contacts (including linked CRM data) directly from their phone. This allows them to search their mobile contacts, phone system directory, Phone Manager directory and server-based directories all at the same time, straight from the phone’s built-in directory interface.

Contact matches will also be made on calls, the names of customers and other directory matches will be displayed directly on the phone when making or receiving calls!

6900 Series User-Based Call History

The call history user interface on the 6900 series phones is now synced to a user’s Phone Manager call history. Users now see the same call history on each of their devices (Phone Manager Desktop/Mobile/Softphone and the desktop 6900 phone), no matter which device was used to make the call.

Both call history and directory updates are available to all 6900 users once upgraded to 5.2.

Kuando Busylight Support

Phone Manager now supports the Kuando Busylight to provide clear status information to colleagues. This plug & play accessory is supported in Professional & Team Leader versions of Phone Manager, providing a clear indication of user or agent status.

For information on where to purchase Busylight hardware, visit

Release 5.2 is shipping today and is available for all customers with a valid SWAS contract.

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