Xarios Technologies (Xarios) provides support (both technical and commercial), fault diagnostics, and other technical services together with a range of installation, training & professional services. All these services are available to reseller partners and customers.

The nature of the services that Xarios provides necessitates certain information is provided in order to accomplish the requested service. The information required will differ depending upon the nature of the service requested, this privacy policy is designed to ensure that anyone using Xarios services will be informed as to how their information is processed and stored.

Xarios provide documentation from time to time outlining new products, feature changes, commercial terms, marketing information, and documentation in a variety of formats. Subscribers to this service will all have been asked to opt in to receiving this information and informed of the process to opt-out at a future date should their requirements change.

Visitors to the Xarios website can view any content that is available in the public-facing part of the website without the need to provide any personal or contact detail. Web site visitors completing the form in the ‘contact us ‘ tab on the website will have the option to opt into receiving information from Xarios.

Xarios provides technical documentation including but not limited to, technical specifications, technical sales guides, installation guides as well as technically focused bulletins and other information. This information can be accessed via the Reseller Portal on the Xarios Technologies web site. All those with a registered log in will have opted in to receiving information and bulletins as described above.

Information required to carry out professional services, training, or installation services will vary from case to case but in all instances, any sensitive data will be stored securely within Xarios organization, only until such time as the requested service is provided and accepted by the customer and at that point, any information that is either sensitive or not required for the ongoing support of that implementation will be deleted.

Xarios provide a range of support and maintenance services and in instances where a fault is escalated or reported to the Xarios support desk a ‘ticket‘ number will be provided to the fault reporter and investigation will commence. The nature of the products and applications that Xarios provide means that investigation of any fault or issue may necessitate exposure to sensitive data such as call records and details of telephone conversations. Sensitive data exposure will be limited to whatever process is required to resolve the fault or issue in question and any data or information that is deemed necessary to be retained by Xarios whilst investigating the fault or issue will be deleted from Xarios records within 4 weeks following the resolution of the identified problem or issue.

Where customers with valid support contracts request other services such as searching for calls or other analytics against their information, any information that is stored by Xarios will be deleted once the requested task is complete.

Xarios will not share your personal data or contact details with any third party, except in instances where a specific service or product has been requested that is not part of the Xarios product or service portfolio and the provision of that service or product is offered by a known third party, in that instance, Xarios will share contact details with that service provider. Xarios will ensure that any third-party provider has the appropriate procedures in place to protect your personal data.

In the normal course of commercial transactions, Xarios will use personal and contact information to fulfill commercial transactions in a timely and efficient manner, and personal information used to complete these transactions will only be used only in connection with said transactions unless these details are registered on the Xarios portal to receive additional information.

In all instances, to protect the security of any customer data, Xarios has implemented appropriate technical and organizational security measures.