Xarios Fulfillment Policies

Xarios services are provided to end-users through contracted partners. If you are interested in becoming a Xarios partner, please contact [email protected] for more information.

Service Provisioning/Cancellation and Billing


Customers and features can be provisioned manually through the Account Portal or automatically using the Onboarding API.

Any new customers provisioned or additional features for existing customers will be invoiced during the following billing run. Features will be invoiced based on pro-rata usage of the system prior to the billing period and then in advance for the next monthly period.

Example 1 – New customer/features provisioned on March 15th

On the April 1st Billing Run, an invoice will be produced for each feature provisioned from the March 15th until April 30th.

Features will then continue to be invoiced one month in advance unless terminated (please refer to the termination section below).

Example 2 – A new feature is provisioned for an existing customer on April 27th

On the May 1st Billing Run, an invoice will be produced for existing features from the May 1st until May 31st. The new feature will be invoiced pro-rata from April 27th to the May 31st.

Features that are provisioned for a user and then removed the same day will not be charged. Features added for more than 1 day during a billing period will be subject to a 30-day minimum license period.

Cancelling Features

Features can be removed from a user/customer either manually through the Account Portal or automatically using the Onboarding API.

Features removed from a customer/user will not be billed for the next billing period (month). When removing a feature from a customer/user, access to the feature can be removed immediately or timed to coincide with any cancellation period.

Automatic Provisioning

Some features of the system are automatically provisioned based on what data is being processed and other features of the system that are being used.

The table below outlines features which are automatically provisioned by Dimensions:

Feature Description Part No.
Insights User When analytics is enabled, the Insights User licence is automatically provisioned based on the number of users configured on the communication platform Dimensions is connecting to. Users added to the communications platform will be tracked by Dimensions and automatically provisioned as an Insights User. XDM00001

Payment Terms

Payment terms to the reseller are 30 days upon receipt of the Invoice. Payment is accepted via bank transfer or credit card payment.

Details of payment method can be found on your invoice.

Note: For invoices of $3,000 and above, a 3% surcharge is added when paying by credit card.


In the event of a query or dispute for any charges shown on an invoice, please follow the procedure below:

  • Notification: Notify Xarios via an email to [email protected]. The notification should include details of the query or disputed charge.

  • Investigation: Xarios shall undertake an investigation into the disputed charge within 3 working days of receipt of the email.

  • Resolution: If, upon investigation it is determined that the charge is incorrect, Xarios will issue a credit note to rectify the error. Any overpayment that has been made will be refunded within 24 hours of the resolution.

  • Payment Obligation: Pending the resolution of the dispute, the customer shall remain obliged to pay all undisputed amounts in accordance with the terms of the invoice.


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