Xarios Offer Microsoft Teams Integration


M2S and Xarios Offer Microsoft Teams Integration & Real-Time Call Analytics to VOIP Customers

Telecom Leaders partner together to deliver smart solutions for data-driven decision making

New York City, New York (December 16, 2019) – M2S VoIP, “a voice over IP service provider and white label platform”, and Xarios Technologies, a developer of innovative telephony applications, have partnered together to bring advanced call analytics and business intelligence to VoIP telecommunication systems. As acknowledged leaders in bringing the most advanced and user-friendly solutions to the market, the companies will collaborate on new applications and integrations between their platforms enabling customers to make insightful, data-driven business decisions.

“M2S is all about setting ourselves ahead of the cookie-cutter VoIP. Partnering with Xarios to give more reporting solutions at an enterprise level gives us more tools to deliver to our clients. Having Xarios as an integration further pushes M2S ahead of the pack. Adding this in with our Microsoft Teams integration can also separate M2S to deliver superior product integrations.” said Alex Aristides, President of M2S Integration.

Both M2S and Xarios recognizes unique synergies from such a partnership. By collaborating and combining their exclusive expertise, they will be able to create new and exciting solutions that align to the exact needs of the marketplace. These new products and services will target business challenges in today’s world.

“Businesses need to deliver better customer service, faster and more accurately than ever before. We want to help companies focus and optimize those operations” said Jimmy Lim, VP of Cloud Products, “Our solutions offer tremendous insight, enabling businesses to make better decisions on how to improve the service they provide to their customers”

About M2S Integration

“M2S VoIP is a voice over IP provider for hosted PBX/VoIP telephones and SIP trunking supplying service in the US, Canada, and UK. We offer unique integrations such as Microsoft Teams, Contact Center, multiple call recording options, local survivable gateways, predictive dialing, push to talk radios over cell/VoIP, Cellular Internet, and much more. As well as supporting legacy premise-based PBX’s and our security division bridging integration and telecom with physical security solutions”. To learn more, please visit https://www.m2svoip.com.

About Xarios Technologies

Xarios Technologies is a software vendor that specializes in communication applications for SME and mid-range enterprises. Established in 2007, Xarios Technologies design, develop and supply a range of innovative telephony applications that enhance the functionality and usability of communications platforms; delivering performance improvements and integration with other business applications. To learn more, please visit https://www.xarios.com.

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