Enhancing Customer Experience


We understand that great customer experience is critical to any business’ success.

As a business, you want to know how your customer calls are being handled, where they’re routed, and what happened to the caller. Dimensions provides the extra detail and knowledge you need to improve your customer experience.

“The new call sessions view helped us in hunting down an issue earlier in the day. It has proved to be really useful in our everyday operations. We were able to see exactly how long the call rang for, how many times it overflowed, the various extensions it rang at, and what happened at the end of the call. We were able to listen to the recording to understand the tone of the call. All of this from a single portal view, accessible anywhere. Now that’s powerful. - Voice Provisioning Manager.

Our customer needed to track down an issue, but they didn’t have the call details they were looking for. They discovered the new ‘Call Sessions view’ by Dimensions. A unique integration with 2600Hz Kazoo, delivering a complete visual life cycle of the call.

Our customer used Dimensions Wallboards to keep on top of their communications in real-time, bringing out their teams’ natural competitive edge to increase sales.

Our Wallboards are completely customizable and can be configured to show exactly what you need to bring out the best in your team.

“The Wallboard was amazing for our business. The bright colors, alarms, and easy to read gauges worked great for our team. Being able to see outgoing calls and conversation numbers along with total talk time for each team member brought out our competitive nature and encouraged each member of the team to work harder and our sales increased as a result.” - Team Leader

Ever since Xarios Technologies introduced its powerful on-premise suite of productivity apps 13 years ago, we haven’t looked back. Our clients have long relied on our broad product portfolio of reports.

“There was already so many changes happening with the new communications systems, having the call reporting & analytics remain the same was a huge selling point for us.” - New 2600Hz customer

We know nothing remains constant, when a customer decided to migrate to cloud-hosted communications with us they were pleasantly surprised. The customer already knew what Xarios was about and Dimensions reporting continued to provide the well-known and much-loved service.

Whatever your company size or industry, we can provide the solution for you.

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