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The current workforce is seeing a rapid increase in demand for remote work. Allowing agents and employees to work remotely reduces office overheads, enhances productivity, and offers a host of new opportunities to business leaders.

However, to embrace this remote environment, companies need to ensure that they have the right technology in place. Making your team as effective and productive as possible in a remote environment requires more than just the right cloud PBX system and collaboration tools. Businesses also need to ensure that they have the means to track and evaluate everything from call quality to performance.

Call analytics is the often overlooked but essential feature of the remote working environment that demands more attention in today’s landscape. Organizations like Xarios are serving this need for robust analytics by delivering cloud-based, service solutions to today’s brands. I spoke with the Product Marketing Manager of Xarios, Yasmin Gray, to learn more.

What is a Remote Team?

I asked Yasmin Gray to tell me how Xarios identifies a “remote team” right now. She told me that remote teams include any business with employees, contractors, or other individuals that need to work away from the office. Any team member that needs to access cloud technology for managing communication and collaboration from a distance is a remote worker.

Xarios is a market leader in the call analytics space, offering exceptional technology both on-premises and in the cloud. The Dimensions call analytics portfolio from Xarios is geared to support the recent rise in demand for tools that can improve both customer and user experience in a remote working environment. This includes supporting contractors, freelancers, and even global talent.

“Our software provides businesses with the tools that they need to analyse customer experience and keep track of staff performance at the same time”

“In the remote working environment, this means that business leaders can have a helicopter view of everything from live call status, to historical usage reports.”

With Xarios, businesses can ensure that every kind of remote worker is empowered to deliver the best possible experiences to customers. With the analysis of call traffic and service levels, business leaders can even discover crucial trends that might help them to enhance satisfaction on a deeper level.

Keeping Remote Teams Productive and Managing CX While remote teams offer a lot of benefits to today’s businesses, including increased employee satisfaction and enhanced efficiency supported by better work/life balance, there are challenges to consider. Supervisors and business leaders still need to keep an eye on the conversations that are happening between team members and customers.

After all, without the right visibility into the workforce, it would be impossible for business managers to understand where aspects of the communication landscape need to be improved.

“Keeping remote teams productive and efficient in the remote environment means ensuring that you have access to all of the right tools. Today’s remote teams are reliant on everything from integrations with CRM systems to wallboards and real-time dashboards that allow supervisors to track which team members are the most productive.”

Call analytics and reporting from tools like Xarios means that team leaders can analyze everything from user performance and service levels to line usage, to create reports that provide a full overview of their team and its performance. Supervisor dashboards even allow supervisors to visualize call data and make better decisions on how to manage and utilize resources.

“When managing their remote teams, supervisors can use our software to access dashboards that they can customize with videos, images, and more, making monitoring operations quick and easy. Dashboards can even monitor agent and queue performance or track real-time agent availability.”

With access to everything from real-time and historical reports to wallboards and dashboards for displaying call analytic activity, supervisors can not only track what’s happening in their landscape, but they can also motivate and inspire their team members to accomplish more too.

What Tools Do Remote Teams Need to be Successful?

Yasmin told me that today’s remote teams need a lot of different tools to be successful, productive, and efficient. It’s important for business leaders to think beyond cloud communication and collaboration tools and ask themselves how they’re going to track and maintain quality customer experiences when agents are working from a distance.

“Businesses need a way of constantly evaluating and optimizing the communication experiences that they can deliver with remote teams. With analytics and reporting, they can ensure that they’re giving both their teams and their employees the best possible interactive moments.”

Crucially, business leaders can’t afford to get this aspect of their remote strategy wrong. Without the right visibility into the remote environment, it will be difficult to know for sure whether your team members are being as productive as they can be, or whether they’re delivering the meaningful experiences that your customers deserve.

Xarios wants to ensure that teams from all backgrounds can access the analytics that they need to improve user and customer experience at a massive scale. This includes delivering a range of simple ways to plug analytics into your system.

“Today’s team members can unlock dashboards and analytics from dimensions in a range of different ways.”

“You can monitor agent and queue performance on the web or use an amazon firestick to plug a wallboard or dashboard into any screen”

In a time when customer experience is more important than ever, businesses need to be aware of whether they’re losing traffic or dropping calls. If you’ve started to build a remote working environment, but you haven’t thought about how you’re going to deliver the consistent, high-quality calls your users and customers deserve, it’s time to consider your analytics strategy.

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