4 Reasons you should be recording calls


As pandemic work-life changed, offices have become more flexible. With the traditional 9-5 taking a back seat, the inevitable question of monitoring staff performance arises. Remote working has increased at a rapid rate, ensuring your business continues to thrive whilst keeping staff motivated during this time is as important as ever.

During a time of change for many organizations, Xarios is here to help make the new way of working, seamless, and efficient for your business. Many businesses had no prior need for a call recording solution, yet, as they began to navigate organizational changes the ability to easily record and monitor calls became essential.

So, why should businesses be recording calls, and what benefits does call recording offer?

Enhancing Customer Experience

One happy customer can bring five new customers your way, one unhappy customer can spread their experience far and wide.

One of the most important reason businesses need to be recording calls is to ensure the highest level of customer service. With remote working, the ability to hear ongoing interactions first-hand is no longer an option. By using call recording managers can easily assess customer communications and understand the full customer experience. Using a call recorder provides the ability to know if procedures and policies are being followed, and quickly define any areas of improvement.

Customer disputes happen, but it’s the resolution that matters most. From both a customer and business perspective a quick and easy dispute resolution is key. Knowing that in the event of a dispute you have easy access to all customer communications brings both peace of mind and time saved.

With the Xarios Call Recorder, all customer calls can be tracked by phone, reference, or order number if tagged in the call. All recordings are encrypted and digitally signed to prove they are authentic, should regulatory requirements dictate for the business.

Enhancing Staff Performance

‘Calls may be recorded for training and monitoring purposes…’ This is something we have all heard, for many businesses recording calls presents an excellent training resource. With calls good and bad both recorded, managers can pick out examples to share internally, and those that require some extra training and support whilst listening out for star performers.

Staff who feel protected perform better. Offering your staff the security of recorded calls in the case of abusive or threatening behavior provides the confidence to take on these challenges. With a Xarios Call Recorder, employees can use account codes to flag when callers have been abusive. This account code can then be used to keep a recording that otherwise may have been removed or overlooked, making it easy for supervisors to identify calls that need to be reviewed and followed upon.

Understanding Your Audience

It is not just the people on the calls themselves who benefit from call recordings. Sales, marketing, and strategy departments can gain useful insights from call recordings. The ability to tune into customer behavior and attitudes provides a fantastic opportunity to define your target market.

Who is calling excited about your offering? Who is saying no? Marketing and sales departments can use this critical information to help tailor their approach to meet the right target audience.

Listening to customer calls brings fresh insight into current product performance, allowing your marketing or product teams to hear first-hand responses that can highlight any issues, providing an opportunity to enhance the offering.

For many businesses call recording is a legality along with functionality. Many businesses face regulations that require them to record calls. For example, financial services organizations must comply with FCA and MiFID regulations.

Recording calls where compliance is required is a good way to demonstrate mandatory and voluntary procedures. Xarios call recorder can deliver all the security and protection you require.

We’re happy to help with any regulation queries you may have.

There are many benefits to recording your calls, Xarios have been developing call recording products for over 15 years. We have covered a wide range of solutions and can provide you with a scalable, secure, and reliable call recording to cover all the above and more.

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