Analytics Feature Focus - Call Tagging


At Xarios Technologies, we understand the importance of data-driven decision-making and optimizing call center operations. That’s why our latest feature, Call Tagging, is designed to drive productivity and provide valuable insights for your business.

Performance Tracking: Drive Productivity with Live KPI Updates

Our Dimensions software offers customizable tags, making it easy to track sales and appointments. With live updates of key performance indicators (KPIs) displayed on Wallboards and Dashboards, supervisors stay up to date and motivated, while team members have clear visibility of their performance.

Tagging calls has never been easier, as you can do it with a simple button press from your desktop or phone. Say goodbye to manual data entry and save time while eliminating errors. Moreover, our software allows for automatic call tagging from within CRMs using web hooks, enabling you to gain valuable insights effortlessly.

Call Categorization: Add Context to Your Data with Customer & Call Specific Information

Effortlessly categorize customer communications based on their unique requirements, organizing and classifying calls for in-depth analysis. By analyzing different call traffic types over time, you can gain actionable insights, identify trends, patterns, and emerging customer needs. Whether you prefer automatic categorization based on Auto Attendant responses or user-added context through disposition codes, Dimensions offers flexibility to meet your specific requirements.

Stay one step ahead by understanding customer preferences and pain points, anticipating trends, and providing exceptional experiences. By leveraging the power of call categorization, you can unlock valuable information that helps you make informed decisions and deliver exceptional service.

Post-Call Survey: Enhance Service with Empowering Insights

Understanding and meeting customer needs is crucial for enhancing service, improving satisfaction, and driving business growth. That’s why Dimensions offers out-of-the-box implementation of post-call surveys. Whether you initiate surveys manually or automatically through the phone system, you gain access to empowering insights.

By implementing post-call surveys, you can gather real-time customer feedback and gain insight into satisfaction levels. This valuable information allows you to identify areas for improvement, enhance loyalty, and increase customer retention. Optionally, callers can leave voice messages, providing authentic and prompt feedback for a comprehensive understanding of their experiences.

At Xarios Technologies, we strive to empower businesses with advanced analytics features like Call Tagging. By leveraging the power of performance tracking, call categorization, and post-call surveys, you can drive productivity, gain valuable insights, and deliver exceptional customer service. Stay ahead of the competition with Dimensions and unlock the true potential of your call center operations.

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