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Why Record Telephone Calls?

Call recording is a must-have application for any organization. It enables quick and confident dispute resolution, as well as the option to review calls for training and monitoring purposes. Our solution is an easy to use, secure voice recording platform for SIP, ISDN & Analogue communications. It has a range of features to make finding the right recording a simple process and integrates with other Xarios products to provide a seamless user experience.

Xarios’ Call Recorders provide specific support to Mitel’s MiVoice Office 250 and MiVoice Business communications platforms, integrating directly with Mitel’s API interfaces for enhanced data collection and call modelling.

Training & Quality Management

Listening to and reviewing customer calls is an essential tool to ensure desired customer service levels are always being reached. Xarios Call Recorder gives you the ability to listen back and score interactions between colleagues and customers, enabling you to identify key training requirements and performance indicators.

A tool to create customisable score sheets on any relevant topics inside your business, gives you the ability to assess greetings, tone, and correct use of information. Allowing supervisors to monitor compliance and any internal scripts being used, staff can then be rewarded for excellent performance.

Regulatory Compliance

For many organisations, the recording of telephone calls is not just a business function but a requirement due to regulations they are obliged to conform to. An example of this is any financial services organization that must comply with FCA & MiFID II regulations. Our systems can help in compliance with these regulations as well as PCI-DSS & GDPR.

Specific features for opt-in recording and data deletion are available specifically in relation to GDPR compliance.

Dispute Resolution

Having records of key customer exchanges to review in the event of a dispute helps to resolve issues quickly and easily. Customer calls can be tracked by phone number or by reference/order number if they have been tagged to the call. All recordings are encrypted and digitally signed to prove they are authentic and haven’t been tampered with.

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